Half Day Godawari 4 hours Tour

Half Day Godawari 4 Hours Tour: Discover Natural Beauty and Cultural Heritage


Embark on a Half Day Godawari Tour and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this enchanting destination. Located just outside Kathmandu, Godawari is renowned for its serene environment, lush gardens, and religious significance. This tour is an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Half Day Godawari 4 Hours Tour by Jeep, Van, Car, or Tourist Bus:

Easy Vehicle Rental offers a variety of transportation options for your Half Day Godawari Tour. Whether you prefer a jeep, van, car, or tourist bus, you can choose the mode of transport that best suits your group size and preferences. Enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey as you explore the beauty of Godawari.

Half Day Godawari 4 Hours Tour Driving Details:

To help you plan your tour effectively, here is a table presenting approximate details of the driving duration, distance, and fare for the Half Day Godawari 4 Hours Tour:

Vehicle Duration Distance Fare
Jeep 4 hours 16 km N/A
Van 4 hours 16 km N/A
Car 4 hours 16 km N/A
Tourist Bus 4 hours 16 km N/A

Please note that the fares may vary depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, fuel prices, and other considerations. For accurate and up-to-date fare information, it is recommended to contact Easy Vehicle Rental directly.

Half Day Godawari 4 Hours Tour Distance from Various Locations:

The following table showcases the approximate distances from popular locations in Kathmandu to Godawari for the Half Day Tour:

Starting Point Distance to Godawari
Ratnapark 18 km
Kalanki 16 km
Balaju 17 km
Chabahil 20 km
Gausala 15 km
Baneshwar 19 km
Koteshwar 14 km
Thimi 22 km
Suryabinayak 25 km
Lagankhel 17 km
Satdobato 13 km

Some FAQs about the Tour 

  1. What does the Half Day Godawari Tour package include?

    • Our package includes a comfortable car jeep ride to Godawari, guided tour of the Godawari Botanical Garden, entry fees, and the opportunity to explore the lush greenery and scenic beauty of the area.
  2. How long does the tour last?

    • The Half Day Godawari Tour lasts approximately 4 hours, including travel time from and back to the pickup point. The duration can vary depending on traffic conditions and the pace of the tour group.
  3. What attractions can I expect to visit during the tour?

    • The main attraction of the tour is the Godawari Botanical Garden, known for its diverse plant species and beautiful landscapes. Depending on time and preferences, there may also be opportunities to visit other nearby sites such as the Godawari Kunda or the Phulchowki Hill base.
  4. Is the tour suitable for all ages and fitness levels?

    • Yes, the Half Day Godawari Tour is designed to be accessible to participants of all ages and fitness levels. The tour involves leisurely walks through the gardens, making it suitable for everyone, including families with children and elderly participants.
  5. How can I book the tour and what are the payment options?

    • To book the Half Day Godawari Tour, you can either book online through our website or contact us directly via phone or email. We recommend making a reservation in advance to secure your spot, as availability may be limited. Payment can be made through various methods including online payment, bank transfer, and cash payment at our office. Further details on payment options will be provided upon booking confirmation.


A Half Day Godawari 4 Hours Tour offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this charming destination. With Easy Vehicle Rental, you can choose the most suitable mode of transportation and enjoy a comfortable journey to Godawari. Explore the lush gardens, visit the sacred temples, and immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings. The Half Day Godawari Tour is a perfect escape from the city and a chance to reconnect with nature. Book your tour with Easy Vehicle Rental and embark on a memorable journey to Godawari.

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