7th Jul, 2019

Vehicle Rental for Tourists in Nepal

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If you are looking for a vehicle rental for tourists in Nepal for your clients or for yourself. Then hiring a vehicle for a tourist is easy at Easy Vehicle Rental.

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However, public buses are available for most of the tourist destinations in Kathmandu Valley and beyond the valley; vehicle rental is the best way to spend quality time with your team during the travel to Nepal. Comparing with the public transportation, hiring a vehicle is more costly, but this is the easiest, fastest, and secure way to visit your desired destination. 

Vehicle Rental Service

There are numbers of companies in Kathmandu that offers you vehicle rental service within the country. Among all, we recommend you the Easy Vehicle Rental as this is the trustworthy company that offers you any kind of vehicles in a reasonable price. Also an experienced driver provided by Easy Vehicle Rental will make your trip awesome. 

Vehicle Rental Service is available for all parts of the country, where the road touches. Though, the bumpy roads add adventure to your drive, hiring a private vehicle is the safest and easiest way to explore Nepal. 

Vehicle on hire

There are wide ranges of vehicle available in Nepal for rent. Including Mahindra Scorpio, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero, all are equipped with AC and luxurious seats to make your trip incredible. The different companies have their own policies of renting a vehicle so we recommend you to get full information before you hire a vehicle online. 

Car Rental for tourists in Nepal

Car is the best mode of transportation to visit Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and many other famous places near the valley on easy roads. Though, it is not suitable for the larger groups. This is the luxurious way of transportation and you will get enough time to visit your destination as car drive is the fastest mode of transportation as compared to travel by local buses. 

The capacity of car is different on different car brand. You can hire any kinds of branded private cars for rental in Kathmandu including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Suzuki, Land Rover, Geely, Honda, Hundai, Mazda, Volkswagen, TATA, Tesla, Volvo and many other brands different models cars.

Jeep Rental in Nepal

For the off-road trip in Nepal 4WD Jeep is compulsory one. So 4WD jeep is necessary for the off road trip. While, if you want to travel in plain roads and within valley, 2 WD jeeps is also a good option. You can rent a Jeep for different destinations like Muktinath, Rara Lake, Kalinchowk, Halesi, Jiri etc.

Travelers in a group of 5-9 people are comfortable to travel by Jeep in Nepal. 

Jeep Rental Cost

Based on the brand, model and features, jeep rental cost depends for you. You can hire Jeep of world famous brands like Toyota, Ford, TATA, Land Rover, Mahindra and more.

Also the duration of your trip plays vital role on cost of Jeep Rental. 

Hiring a Vehicle with and without a driver

As you will be unknown about the routes for different travel destinations in Nepal, hiring a vehicle with a driver is a good idea to complete the trip without any difficulties. An experienced local driver will lead you to any destination within Nepal in relatively short duration as he knows all the short-cuts and shorter routes to reach the place. This helps you to spend more time on your destination rather than driving for long hours on off-roads. Knowing the route only is not enough to drive in challenging hilly roads of Nepal, you must have an experience of driving in dirt roads, thus hiring an experienced driver is the best idea. 

Easiest way of booking vehicle in Nepal 

Nowadays, the modern technologies have made everything easier including booking a vehicle. You can book a desired vehicle with different companies via their websites or with a short phone call. 

To book a vehicle online, you have to visit the website of the respective company and fill up a form. This is a short procedure that will take only about five minutes to get your booking done. Or you can also book any kind of vehicles by a phone call. 

During the booking, you have to provide information about your desired trip, starting and ending point, renting duration, and number of travelers. 

Cancellation of booked vehicle 

If you changed your mind after booking a vehicle or you are unable to continue your trip due to any reason, you can easily cancel your trip. Canceling a booked vehicle 30 days earlier is free but if you canceled 2 weeks earlier you will be charged 30% of the total cost. Canceling the trip one week earlier costs 50% while there will be no refund if you cancelled before a week or less.

This also depends on the policy of each company, thus check the rules and think twice before booking a vehicle.