22nd Jan, 2022

Self Drive Car Hire – Rent a Car without Driver in Nepal

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If you are looking for a self drive car hire in Nepal; car rental without a driver is very difficult.

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It takes long process and more expensive to rent a car/jeep without driver or self drive.

So, we suggest you to leave the concept of self driver car or jeep in Nepal. But it is possible to rent a motorbike for self drive in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

People want privacy, more personalized service and want to hire self drive car but self drive car hire service in Kathmandu is very less. It is difficult to hire a self drive car for your tour.

Why it is difficult to hire a Vehicle without Driver?

There are different reasons of difficulties on car rental options without driver in Nepal. However the major reason is the security. 

Risk to Stolen

It’s too expensive to buy a vehicle in Nepal. The cost of car or jeep is high enough due to the taxes and government rules. So, the risk of stolen a car is high if it is rented without driver. Due to the open border with India, it’s easy to pass the vehicle to India even the authentic identity cards. The system of checking authorized documents also weak in Nepal. So no agencies want to be in trouble due to the rented vehicle without a driver.

Risk of Damage

The road condition of Nepal is difficult one; it takes enough experience of driving in Nepal to run smooth. It’s high risk of accident and damage of vehicle in a non professional and less experienced driver drives. So to overcome the risk of damage, rental agency are aware and not offer self driver jeep or car or bus in Kathmandu, Pokhara or other cities in Nepal.

Risk of Accident

It will be the high risk of accident for new person driving in the busy and congested streets of the city in Nepal. People in Nepal are not strictly followed the traffic rules. Due to the high risk of accident, a rental company does not offer the vehicle without driver.

Suggestions/ Recommendation 

We advise you not to go for self drive car rent in Nepal. Driving in new city by you is more risk of accident. Also, driving by yourself in an unknown city takes much of your time to travel. Taking you on risk and traveling is not a wise decision. 

We can make complete arrangement for your vehicles depending upon your tour program and group size. So, share your complete requirements of time, group size, vehicles model and other options, we offer you the best car/jeep rental service with a experienced driver in Nepal.